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The supply of goods and services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is subject to a consumption tax called Value Added Tax (VAT). It is a significant part of business activities in the country.

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Why do businesses in UAE need VAT Consultancy Services?

Are free zone companies subject to VAT laws?

Free zone companies in the UAE are not exempt from VAT regulations. However, some of them may benefit from special rules depending on their location and activities. VAT regulations for free zone companies differ based on whether they are in a designated zone or a non-designated zone.

A designated zone is a specific closed area that has different security measures, customs controls, and internal procedures for storing and processing goods. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has published a list of designated zones in the UAE. The UAE treats businesses within these zones as outside the country for VAT purposes, but only for certain supplies of goods. Businesses in non-designated zones have the same rules as mainland businesses.

Free zone companies that make taxable sales above a certain amount must register for VAT and follow the VAT laws. They may also get some VAT exemptions for some goods or services, but they need to check with VAT experts to be sure.

At Reflechir, we assist free zone companies with their VAT compliance, such as keeping records, filing returns, and paying taxes. We can also help them understand the VAT laws, save money on taxes, and run their business smoothly.

Don’t let VAT issues stress you out. Let our VAT consultancy services take care of them for you. Get in touch with Reflechir Consultancy today. We’ll help your business achieve VAT compliance and efficiency


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