Economic Substance Advisory

Economic Substance Advisory Services in UAE: Ensuring Compliance with ESR Regulations

Reflechir’s Economic Substance Advisory Services assist your business in the UAE in understanding and complying with the Economic Substance Regulations (ESR). Our team of experts ensures that your business complies with local regulations and fosters sustainable growth. We work closely with you to assess your economic substance, develop tailored compliance strategies, and provide ongoing support to meet your obligations.

Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) in UAE

ESR is a set of regulations introduced by the UAE to align with international standards and combat base erosion and profit shifting. The primary objective is to ensure that businesses operating in the UAE demonstrate substantial economic activity within the country. The key laws governing ESR include:

Purpose of ESR in UAE

ESR aims to ensure that businesses engaged in relevant activities have a substantial presence in the UAE, promoting fairness and discouraging profit shifting. Also, compliance with ESR strengthens the UAE’s commitment to international tax standards and fosters cooperation with other jurisdictions.

Organizations Obligated to Comply with ESR - Who Needs Economic Substance Advisory

Penalties and Risks for Non-compliance

First Reportable Period

The first reportable period for ESR compliance in the UAE is crucial. It requires entities to assess their economic substance, prepare the necessary reports, and submit them within the specified timeline.

UAE Economic Substance Advisory by Reflechir

At Reflechir, we understand the complexities and importance of Economic Substance Regulations. Our dedicated professionals stay updated with the latest regulations, ensuring that your organization remains compliant and well-prepared for any challenges.

Take the first step towards ESR compliance in the UAE with Reflechir’s expert Economic Substance Advisory Services.


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