Tax Audit Services

Registered Tax Auditing Services in UAE

Tax audit services involve a detailed examination and verification of a business’s financial and tax records by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. It is a crucial process that helps identify any discrepancies or non-compliance and allows businesses to rectify errors and ensure accurate reporting.

Tax Audit Procedure by the Federal Tax Authority in UAE

Required Documents for a Tax Audit in the UAE

Authority and Privileges of Tax Auditors in the UAE

Key Areas Reviewed During a Tax Audit in the UAE

Notifying Businesses about Tax Audit Results in the UAE

As per Article 17 of the Tax Procedures Law, the FTA issues a notification within 10 business days upon completion of the tax audit.

It outlines the audit findings and any adjustments or penalties that may be applicable. Your business will have access to the documents and data that the FTA used to asses due tax.

The FTA allows a specific timeframe for businesses to respond and rectify any identified issues or discrepancies.

How Reflechir Helps You During Tax Audit in the UAE

Tax audits can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience for businesses. This is why Reflechir always stands by you to give you valuable help throughout the tax audit process, including:

Contact us today to discuss your tax audit requirements and how we can assist you in achieving your compliance goals.


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