New UAE Tax Residency Decision: What You Need to Know

UAE's Ministry of finance issue new law for resident of UAE

The UAE’s Ministry of Finance has issued a new Ministerial Decision, No. 27 of 2023, which outlines the Implementation of Certain Provisions of Cabinet Decision No. 85 of 2022 on the Determination of Tax Residency in the UAE.    This important update brings with it a number of key highlights that individuals and businesses operating […]

UAE Introduces New Guidelines for E-commerce Record-Keeping

UAE ministry of finance introduces new law for e-commerce record keeping

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Finance has issued a new Ministerial Decision that outlines the criteria and conditions for e-commerce record-keeping of the supplies made. This new development is a significant step towards ensuring that the e-commerce sector in the UAE operates efficiently and transparently.   New Requirements for E-commerce Record-Keeping The decision introduces […]

The Ultimate Guide for VAT Registration in UAE in 2023

VAT Registration

Do you want to know the necessary steps for VAT registration in UAE in 2023? To register for VAT with the Federal Tax Authority, there are certain steps that you’ll need to follow. We’ll provide an overview of what information you need and how to complete your registration. Here we will discuss all the aspects […]

Prefossional Auditing Services in UAE – Don’t Get Left Behind

Prefossional Auditing Services

Professional Auditing ServicesHow do you know if your business is on the right track? Whether you’re getting the returns that you want, or if things just aren’t going according to plan, it’s difficult to tell whether or not there are issues in your business model and systems that need to be addressed. However, by choosing […]

Corporate Tax in UAE

corporate tax

In January 2022, the UAE Finance ministry announced the first-ever Federal Corporate Tax (CT) that will be implemented from 1st June 2023 and after. For the past several years the UAE government has made significant changes in its tax structure starting from 2018 when VAT was introduced. To understand the process, it is important to […]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Auditing Firm in UAE in 2023

business analytics

Whether you’re starting up your first business or simply want to make sure that everything’s in order at your current job, auditing services are a great way to go through all of your paperwork and make sure it’s as perfect as it can be. But if you’re about to start looking for an auditing firm, […]

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